About me

I grew up with sense of inter-nationality, and pursued my cosmopolitan desire for knowledge and understanding of the world at Trinity College (2006) with a degree in International Studies. That course work brought me to study in Moscow for a semester, and I eventually wrote two Senior Thesis papers on the comparative development of Latin America & the Caribbean and Russia/Eurasia, analyzing revolution and its relationship to natural resources and folk music.

For five years after college, I developed my understanding of world systems through field research as an advocate for animal rights and environmental justice. Pursuing further education at the European Graduate School in 2011, I wrote a Master’s Thesis on the history of populism. My first book, an anthology of essays from scholars and activists in the field of Political Ecology called Grabbing Back, was published in 2014. I signed up as an Adjunct Professor at Portland State University in 2016, my second book, Against the Fascist Creep, came out early the next year, and I began my PhD work in Geography some months later.

Generally tending toward a focus on Political Ecology, Political Geography, and the impacts of climate change in the context of shifting demographic and economic dynamics, most of my work falls into three intersecting categories. Firstly, my dissertation work covers the wonky details of water governance and the resilience of complex, adaptive resource geographies. Secondly, I have written and published on the complexities of fascism and far-right networks, specializing in transnational disinformation systems operating through social media and blogs. Lastly, my research has covered the political economy of land grabs from the Great Recession through the Recovery. In general, these subjects involve the human condition and our often-conflictive relationships to water, land, and knowledge. These interests stem from my philosophical commitment to resolving the existential crises of our time through integrity over dishonesty and justice over corruption.