curriculum vitae

Alexander Reid Ross, Ph.D.

Professional Experience
Instructor, Portland State University, Department of Geography, 2016 – present
Senior Data Analyst, Network Contagion Research Institute, 2021 – present
Doctoral Fellow, Center for the Analysis of the Radical Right, 2019 – present
Research Fellow, Political Research Associates, 2020 -2021
Fundraiser, Bark, 2011-2016
Editor, Earth First! Journal, 2009 – 2011

Ph.D., Geography Department, Earth, Environment, Society Program, Portland State University (4.0 GPA)
M.A., Philosophy, Aesthetics, and Critical Thought, with Distinction, European Graduate School, Saas-Fee, CH, 2015 (4.0 GPA)
B.A., International Studies: Comparative Development (Russia and Eurasia / Latin America and the Caribbean), Trinity College, Hartford, CT, 2006

Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems, Portland State University, 2020
Certificate of Training, Atlas.ti training center, 2019

Honors, Awards
Tison Award, International Association of Hydrological Sciences, 2022
OSMOSIS Award, Open Source Non-Profit of the Year, Awarded to NCRI, 2021
Gamma Theta Upsilon, Theta Alpha chapter, 2019-present
Gamma Theta Upsilon Annual Award for Excellence in Geography (Theta Alpha Chapter), 2019
Phi Kappa Phi, Portland State University chapter, 2019-present
2019 PEWS Terence K. Hopkins Student Paper Award Runner Up
Nominated for John Eliot Allen Outstanding Teacher Award, 2017
Recognized by Project Censored for Media Democracy in Action in Censored2016
Co-founded Earth First! Newswire, named one of the top ten forestry resources by every year since inception
Diploma, Russian State University of the Humanities (РГГУ), Moscow, RU, 2005
Guided Studies program at Trinity College, 2003

Classes Taught
Pacific Northwest (Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Fall 2017, Spring 2018)
Global Water Issues and Sustainability (Winter 2018, Summer 2018, Fall 2018, Winter 2019, Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Winter 2020, Spring 2020, Summer 2020, Fall 2020, Winter 2021, Summer 2021, Fall 2021, Winter 2021)
Climate and Water Resources (Summer 2019, Summer 2020, Fall 2020, Winter 2021, Summer 2021, Fall 2021, Summer 2021, Fall 2021, Winter 2021)
Global Population and Food Supply (Winter 2017)
Geography of Globalization (Winter 2017)

University Service
Graduate Representative for Portland State University Geography Department Promotion and Tenure Committee, 2018 – 2019

Other Positions

Treasurer, American Association of Geographers, Landscape Specialty Group, 2022 – present

Teachers Assistantships
Teacher’s Assistant for Professor Cris Morgante, Climate and Water Resources: PSU, Winter 2019, Spring 2019, Winter 2020
Teacher’s Assistant for Professor Hunter Shobe, Global Population and Food Supply: PSU, Fall 2019
Teacher’s Assistant for Professor Michael Hardt, The Commons: EGS, Summer 2014

Critical political geography, comparative fascist studies, populism, political ecology, land grabs, collaborative resource management, forestry, water resources, social hydrology, hydrosocial studies, global justice, transformative adaptation, historical geography

I have provided analysis and commentary on the far right for some of the largest news sources in the world, including the BBC World Service, SkyNews, The Atlantic, the Washington Post, LA Times, Al Jazeera, The Independent, Huffington Post, and The Guardian, as well as smaller weeklies, public radio, and sites like The Alt, Minnesota Public Radio, The Willamette Week, Quartz, Reveal, and Pacific Standard.

Authored Books
Against the Fascist Creep (Oakland: AK Press, 2017).
Politics and the People: An Introduction to Comparative Populist Studies (New York: Atropos Press, forthcoming 2020).

Edited Anthologies
Grabbing Back: Essays Against the Global Land Grab (Oakland: AK Press, 2014).

Scholarly Articles, Reports, and Articles in Print

2023. “#Twittertakeover: How the Musk Acquisition Became a Launchpad for Gen-Z Neo-Nazis, Ye, and Widespread Antisemitism,” with Joel Finkelstein, Jack Donohue, Alex Goldenberg, Lee Jussim, Collin Vasko, Cristian Ramos, Tayler Glover, Anisha Jagdeep, NCRI.

2022. “Understanding Perspectives on Climate Hazards, Water Management, and Adaptive Transformation in an Exurban Community,” with Heejun Chang and Alida Cantor, Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure, Vol. 8 (1).

2022. “On the Diseconomy of Memes: Stonks, Crypto and the Wager Against Democracy,” with Alex Goldenberg, Lydia Stark, Jogn Farmer, Jack Donohue, Adam Sohn, Joel Finkelstein, Christian Ramos, Prassidha Sudhakar, Tayler Glover, Kiana Perth, Malav Modi, Heath Newton, Ashlyn Kofford, Mark Hopkins, NCRI.

2022. “Case Studies in the Sociology of Absence and Emergence: Anarcho-Populism in Russia and Mexico,” with Andrew R. Smolski, Javier Sethness, Theory in Action, Vol. 15 (1).

2021. “Urbanization and Water Governance Dynamics in Bend and Hood River, Oregon,” with Alida Cantor, Urban Cascadia and the Pursuit of Environmental Justice, Edited by Nik Janos and Corina McKendry.

2021. “Modeling the system dynamics of irrigators’ resilience to climate change in a glacier-influenced watershed,” with Heejun Chang, Hydrological Sciences Journal, Vol. 66 (12), 1743-1757.

2020. “Socio-Hydrology with Hydrosocial Theory: Two Sides of the Same Coin?” with Heejun Chang, Hydrological Sciences Journal, Special Issue: Advancing Socio-Hydrology.

2020. “Confronting the Rise of Eco-Fascism Means Grappling with Complex Systems,” with Emmi Bevensee, Center for Analysis of the Radical Right.

2019. “Fooling the Nation: Extremism and the Pro-Russia Disinformation Ecosystem,” b2o: An Online Journal, 4 (2).

2019. “From Nativism to White Power: Mid-Twentieth Century White Supremacist Movements in Oregon,” with Shane Burley, Oregon Historical Quarterly, 120 (4).

2019. “‘Those mischievous elves of lore’: The Legend and Legacy of Earth Liberation,” A Historical Scholarly Collection of Writings on the Earth Liberation Front, eds. Anthony J. Nocella II, Carol Mendoza, Sean Parson, and Stephanie Eccles (New York: Peter Lang Publishing).

2018. “The Alt-Right and Global Information Warfare,” with Emmi Bevensee, 2018 IEEE International Conference on Big Data, pp. 4393 – 4402.

2018. “Lessons from exits foreclosed: An exilic interpretation of the Mexican and Russian Revolutions, 1910–1924,” Capital & Class, 42 (2).

2017. “Book Review: No Gods, No Masters, No Peripheries,” in Annals of the Association of American Geographers Review of Books.

2017. “The Kurdish Self-Defense Movement,” with Ary LaValle, Community Defense and Armed Resistance: Theory, Practice, and History, ed. scott crow (Oakland: PM Press).

2017. “Anti-Fascism and Revolution,” ROAR Magazine, 5.

2015. “Interview with Glen Coulthard,” Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies, 1, pp. 188-199.

2015. “Energizing the Climate Movement,” with Sedge Ruiz, Upping the Anti, 17, (Toronto: UTA Publications).

2015. “Against Deep Green Resistance,” with Michelle Renee Matisons, Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, No. 28 (Oakland: IAS), pp. 101-118.

2014. “Climate change, land grabs, and revolution in Burkina Faso,” Third World Resurgence, No 290/291, pp. 41-43.

2014. “Over the Water of the Nile,” Green Social Thought, No. 63, pp. 32-33.

2014. “Resistance to Alberta Tar Sands Megaloads in Idaho & Beyond” with Helen Yost, Grabbing Back, op. cit., pp. 281-306.

2014. “Liberating Linguistics,” Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, No. 27 (Oakland: Institute for Anarchist Studies), pp. 40-53.

2013. “Dismantling Counterinsurgency with Earth First!,” Life During Wartime: Resisting Counterinsurgency, eds: Lara Messersmith-Glavin, Kristian Williams, Will Munger (Oakland: AK Press), pp. 213-231.

2010. “Book Review: What Every Radical Should Know About State Repression,” Science and Society, 74 (2), pp. 269.

Selected Articles Published Online

“Into the Irrational Core of Pure Violence: On the Convergence of neo-Eurasianism and the Kremlin’s War in Ukraine,” March 4, 2022

“The Big Business of Uyghur Genocide Denial,” with Courtney Dobson, January 18, 2022

“How the Denver Shooter’s Digital Trail Exposes the Violent Fantasies of the ‘Manosphere,’” Bellingcat, January 6, 2022

“White Supremacist “Patriot Front” Rally Exposes Splits On The Far-Right,” RANTT Media, December 20, 2021

“Bolsonaro And Modi Are At A COVID Crossroads,” RANTT Media, August 2, 2021

“Meet ‘Leftist’ Grayzone’s New Neo-fascist Allies in Denying China’s Genocide of Uyghurs,” Haaretz, July 27, 2021

“FBI Investigating Russian Diaspora Group,” The Daily Beast, June 7, 2021

“On the comparative study of denialism and conspiracy theories (Parts I, II, III),” Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right, April 13-28, 2021

“Zwischen Memes und Realität: Das Internet als Spielfeld für rechtsextreme Attentäter,” MDR, September 23, 2020

“Knotenpunkte des Irrsinns,” with Patricia Zhubi, Zeit, March 14, 2020

“America’s neo-Nazi Terrorists Have a Powerful New Patron: Vladimir Putin,” Haaretz, February 2, 2020.

“Transnational White Terror: Exposing Atomwaffen And The Iron March Networks,” with Emmi Bevensee and ZC, Bellingcat, December 19, 2019

“After Richard Spencer’s anti-Semitic Tirade, Will the U.S. Media Now Stop Glamorizing Well-dressed White Nationalists?” Haaretz, November 6, 2019.

“I was the target of alt-right death threats across the internet – here’s what happened next,” with Shane Burley, The Independent, June 19, 2019.

“Fascism and the Far Left: A Grim Global Love Affair,” Haaretz, May 27, 2019

“We built an algorithm to track bots during the European elections – what we found should scare you,” with Emmi Bevensee and Sabrina Nardin, The Independent, May 22, 2019

“Die faschistische Internationale,” with Patricia Zhubi, Zeit, March 24, 2019

How to defeat the cretinous ‘great replacement’ theory at the heart of the Christchurch mosque attack,” with Shane Burley, The Independent, March 18, 2019

The anti-Semitism Fest Where Russian Spies, Code Pink, David Duke and the Nation of Islam Make Friends and Influence People,” Haaretz, March 10, 2019

“From Exile to Dirtbag: Edgelord geopolitics and the rise of ‘National Bolshevism’ in the U.S.,” Medium, January 20, 2019

“Apocalypse in America: The Smell of Fascism in the pro-Trump QAnon Conspiracy,” Haaretz, January 8, 2019

“Hitler in Brasilia: The U.S. Evangelicals and Nazi Political Theory Behind Brazil’s President-in-waiting,” Haaretz, October 28, 2018

“As the Far Right Descends on Portland, Police Target Counter-Protestors,” with Shane Burley, WagingNonviolence, August 14, 2018;

“A Popular Mobilization Is Forming in Portland to Stop the Growth of Hate Groups,” with Shane Burley, TruthOut, August 1, 2018;

“In Portland, I Witnessed the Violence of White Pride in Trump’s America,” Haaretz, July 5, 2018;

“How Trump’s Foreign Policy is Making Russia Great Again,” Haaretz, June 13, 2018;

“How Assad’s War Crimes Bring Left and Right Together Under Putin’s Benevolent Gaze,” Haaretz, April 17, 2018;

“Will the Alt Right Produce the Next Timothy McVeigh?,” Alternet, with Shane Burley, November 9, 2017;

“White Nationalists Terrorize Houston Book Fair in Largest Show of Force Since Charlottesville,” Alternet, October 8, 2017;

“A Brief But Very Informative History of How Fascists Infiltrated Punk and Metal,” Vice Noisey, August 19, 2017;

“Has the Liberal Media Enabled a Nationwide Crackdown on Trump’s Political Enemies?” Alternet, August 18, 2017;

“5 Things the Mainstream Media Missed About Charlottesville,” with Shane Burley, In These Times, August 19, 2017;

“What will it take to stop alt-right efforts to ‘unite the right?” with Shane Burley, Waging Nonviolence, August 11, 2017

“Nothing New Under the Fascist Sun,” with Shane Burley, Jacobin, June 5, 2017

“The Portland Killings Show Why We Need a Robust Antifascist Movement,” In These Times, June 2, 2017;

“Trump’s Remark on Andrew Jackson Was a Dog Whistle for White Nationalists,” Truth-Out, May 10, 2017;

“The Left-Overs: How Fascists Court the Post-Left,” Anti-Fascist News, March 29, 2017;

“Beyond the Acid-Filled Jacuzzi: The Sinister Truths About Bannon’s Fascism,” Truth-Out, March 15, 2017;

“Antifa Worldwide: A Brief History of International Anti-Fascism,” Anti-Fascist News, February 13, 2017;

“Responding to the Fascist Creep: An Interview with Alexander Reid Ross,” Gods and Radicals, January 23, 2017;

“Fascism, SB-1070, and the Arizonafication of the US,” Truth-Out, December 31, 2016;

“With Enemies at the Gate,” with Shane Burley, Gods and Radicals, December 7, 2016;

“Trump’s First Hundred Days and the Fascist Agenda,” Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness, November 21, 2016;

“The Campaign to Save Pepe the Frog,” with Shane Burley, ThinkProgress, November 4, 2016;

“How the Alt Right is trying to create a ‘safe space’ for racism on college campuses,” with Shane Burley, Waging Non-Violence, October 6, 2016;

“Death to the Klan and Armed Antifascist Community Defense in the US,” It’s Going Down, June 26, 2016;

“How Students for Trump Terrorized Portland State University,” ThinkProgress, with Shane Burley, June 9, 2016;

“Trumpism,” It’s Going Down, March 18, 2016;

“Toward an Anti-Fascist Analysis of the Malheur Rebellion,” It’s Going Down, January 9, 2016;

“Unhinged in Burns: Inside the Malheur Rebellion,” CounterPunch, January 8, 2016


“Rage and Action,” Earth First! Journal: 30th Anniversary Edition, Vol. 30, No. 1, (Tucson: Daily Planet Publishing, 2010); from Spanish.
My work has been translated into French, Dutch, and Portuguese.

Conferences, Forums, Roundtables

“The Nazi Legacy for Today’s U.S.,” Panel, German Studies Association, December 10, 2020

“The Nazi Legacy for Today’s U.S.,” Closed Seminar, German Studies Association, October 3-6, 2019

“Modeling Coupled Human-Water Systems,” Panel, American Association of Geographers, April 3-7, 2019

“The Alt Right and Global Information Warfare,” with Emmi Bevensee, The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) International Conference on Big Data, December 13, 2018;

“Populism or a Fascist Turn? Political Science and the Legacy of Fascism,” Panel, American Political Science Association Annual Conference, August 31, 2018;

“Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism,” Panel, Left Coast Forum, August 25, 2018;

“Land and Liberty: A Comparative Spatial Analysis of Revolution, Exile, and Autonomy in the Mexican and Russian Revolutions,” Panel, Association of American Geographers Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, April 12, 2018;

“Northwest Critical Theory Roundtable: Fascism and the Crisis of the State Form,” Round Table, Gonzaga University, February 16, 2018;

“Antifascism in Theory and Practice” with Mark Bray and Whitney Mallet, Panel, Left Forum, New York City, June 3, 2017;

“Bioregionalism against White Supremacism,” Panel, Resistance Ecology, at Portland State University, June 27, 2014.

Book Talks

“Against Fascism Today,” with Shane Burley, University of Washington Book Store, Seattle, WA, February 2, 2018;
“Against Fascism Today,” with Shane Burley, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, January 31, 2018;
“Fascism and the Far Right in Portland,” with Shane Burley, Mother Foucault’s, Portland OR, November 13, 2017;
“Against the Fascist Creep,” Big Idea Books, Pittsburgh, PA, August 27, 2017;
“Against the Fascist Creep,” Guide to Kulchur Books, Cleveland, OH, August 26, 2017;
“Against the Fascist Creep,” Space 2435, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, August 25, 2017;
“Against the Fascist Creep,” Riverwest Public House, Milwaukee, WI, August 24, 2017;
“The Antifascists,” with Louisville Anti-Racist Action and Black Lives Matter, Floyd Theater, University of Louisville, KY, August 23, 2017;
“Against the Fascist Creep,” The Void, Bloomington, IN, August 22, 2017;
“Against the Fascist Creep,” The Back Door, Bloomington, IN, August 22, 2017;
“Against the Fascist Creep,” BookMama’s, Indianapolis, IN, August 21, 2017;
“Against the Fascist Creep,” The Wooden Shoe, Philadelphia, PA, June 4, 2017;
“Against the Fascist Creep,” The Potter’s House, Washington, DC, June 2, 2017;
“Against the Fascist Creep,” Annares Project, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, March 7, 2017;
“Against the Fascist Creep: Book Opening,” Mother Foucault’s Book Shop, Portland, OR, February, 9, 2017;
“Against the Fascist Creep,” Phoenix Anarchist Book Fair, Phoenix, AZ, February 13, 2016;
“Our Autogestion is our Oxygen,” LA Anarchist Book Fair, LA, CA, October 8, 2016;
“Against the Fascist Creep,” Howard Zinn Book Fair, San Francisco, CA, December 7, 2016;
“Grabbing Back: Against the Global Land Grab,” Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair, San Francisco, March 22, 2014.

Podcasts and Radio Appearances

The Nomiki Show, “Solidarity Wednesday: End Vulture Capitalism | The Trucker’s Struggle | Erik Prince’s Secrets +More,” February 9, 2022
The Angry Planet Podcast, “Why People Online Defend the Uighur Genocide,” January 21, 2022
“Yeah Ne Pasaran! #004,” with Ad Astra Comics, Yeah Ne Passaran, February 6, 2020
“A History of White Nationalism in the Pacific Northwest,” I Don’t Speak German, August 14, 2019;
“The Axis of NazBol,” Popular Front, August 7, 2019;
“Against Those Fascist Creeps: An Interview With Alexander Reid Ross,” The Regrettable Century, February 25, 2019;
“Opposing Fascism in the PNW,” with Shane Burley, KBOO, November 23, 2018;
“Fascism and the Police,” with Shane Burley, KBOO, October 19, 2018;
“Against the Fascist Creep” The Rain Can’t Stop Us, October 17, 2018;
“Fascism Today,” KBOO, May 7, 2018;
“Indymedia on Air,” KPFK, September 5, 2017;
“No Quarter For Fascists” (ft. Alexander Reid Ross), Supreme Leap Forward, Episode 09, Podcast, June 4, 2017;
“Interview with Lisa Loving,” KBOO, January 11, 2016;
“Chris Burnett’s Indymedia on the Air,” December 28, 2015;
“Air Cascadia with Chris Andre,” KBOO, January 12, 2015;
“Interview with Ama Tierney,” KMUD, January 9, 2015;
“Morning Show with Christy Thornton,” WBAI, December 19, 2014;
“Interview with Peter Werbe,” July 9, 2014;
“Against the Fascist Creep,” Project Censored Radio, February 24, 2017;
“SOLEcast,” Podcast, February 13, 2016;
“Mali and the African Land Grab,” The Real News, February 25, 2013.