The Oregonian quoted me in their story on Eugene “weed Nazis”



The Oregonian | OregonLive
Looking back, things did seem a bit out of balance with successful marijuana entrepreneur Bethany Sherman.

She shared an open contempt for Eugene and its renowned left-wing politics. She gloated about the election of Donald Trump. She made sure to note that she’d given her baby a German name.

But few who knew Sherman expected to read an antifascist expose´ accusing her of neo-Nazi sympathies. They were even less prepared for Sherman’s immediate and enthusiastic declaration of white pride, though she disavowed any connection to neo-Nazis.

Within a day of the allegations, Sherman found her carefully cultivated image as a well-connected and savvy businesswoman in tatters. She closed the marijuana testing lab that she had worked for years to establish. The industry condemned her and customers left in droves.

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