My piece on the Rise and Fall of Gavin McInnes is up

Thanks to Haaretz for publishing my latest, “Even After the FBI Declared His Proud Boys Extremists, Gavin McInnes’ ‘Hip’ Fascism Retains Its Toxic Appeal.”

“Luxury employed a million of the poor and odious pride a million more.” Those are the words from a Mandeville poem that Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes had tattooed on his right arm.

The quotation describes two themes – vice and pride – at the root of every good downfall story. And McInnes, whose group was recently categorized by the FBI as “an extremist group with ties to white nationalism,” appears to have followed the same script – falling into a hubristic trap of his own making.

McInnes disassociated himself last week from the Proud Boys, an anti-left fraternal fight club self-described as “Western chauvinists” that he founded in 2016.

You can access for free via their Twitter.

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