My Book was Reviewed in Journal for the Study of Radicalism

Kettler, Andrew. [Review of] Against the Fascist Creep, by Alexander Reid Ross. Journal for the Study of Radicalism 13.2 (Aug. 2019): 197-200.

“These analyses show that narratives of race, class, and gender are constantly debated, whether in the entrails of the Internet or among the talking heads, and fascists understand that their ability to move the dialectic even further to the right creates greater space for their movement in the public sphere. This monograph is a warning that seats of discourse must be weaponized into more durable terminological edifices against the rising tide of anti-Semites, incels, and white nationalists who continue to mainstream their creeds to the detriment of the Western experiment of democracy, political sovereignty, and civic virtue.”

Check it out here:

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