Portland Mercury calls Against the Fascist Creep one of the Best Books of 2017

Here’s what The Portland Mercury has to say about Against the Fascist Creep:

“Portland anti-fascist journalist and lecturer Alexander Reid Ross’ book made waves in leftist circles as one of the most thoroughly researched histories of fascist organizing and theoretical lineage from Mussolini to the so-called alt-right of today. It clarifies that fascists understand race and nationality through a mythic lens, advocating for a strict and bloody separation, but that this will be disguised through mainstream appeals to nationalism and co-option of movements like ecological justice, socialism, and anti-imperialism. The particular phenomenon Ross points to is the far right’s tendency both to use leftist language from a nationalist lens and infiltrate anti-capitalist organizations in their opposition to liberal-capitalism. Ross also doesn’t reduce the “creeping fascists’” cynical anti-capitalist organizing tactics to “horseshoe theory,” the centrist position that claims the radical left inevitably ends up becoming the same as the far right. Rather, Against the Fascist Creep urges the radical left to recognize and confront fascism wherever it attempts to rear its ugly head. CAMERON CROWELL”

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